Sash Windows or “vertical sliders” as they are also known, can provide a unique traditional appearance while maintaining all of the benefits of modern innovation, such as energy rating and security locking. The Strong, Secure PVC construction means they’ll never rot, warp or require repainting. Just an occasional wipe keeps them looking new.

PVC Sash Windows

Sash Windows in Ireland
A Modern Classic!

Available In :

  • Brilliant white


  • Rosewood
  • Black
  • Grey
  • Cream
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green

PVC Sash Windows provide all the benefits of the latest in material technology….. while retaining all the beauty of the traditionally styled Sash Window but with double glazing!

Computerized Tuning of Sash Windows!

Spring Balances provide precise and smooth movement of the PVC sashes in both the traditional vertical direction and in the tilt position…

Cross Section

The choice of installers:

Slim-line outer frame (128mm X 69mm) improves installation flexibility –. Maximum frame size up to 1,600mm in the width and 3,000mm in the height, however these max sizes are dependent on the height width combination.

The choice of homeowners:

A great looking window ensures strong demand from the retrofit sector as well as new-build. The pleasing slim-line appearance belies a high performance energy efficient design. Slim-line sashes offer improved window aesthetics and maximized Window Energy Rating performance.

A+ Rated – Energy Efficient

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