Don’t throw cash out of the window . . . save heat and money by investing in Weatherglaze energy efficient products.



How much money can you save?

If you currently have single glazed or older double-glazing in your home then you could be losing more heat than necessary, and therefore money, literally out of the window. However, by switching to Energy Efficient Windows you can save energy and reduce your household bills by as much as €520* per year.

*in an electrically heated house taken from DTI Quarterly Energy Prices

How much Carbon can you save?

If you live in a single glazed house and install Energy Efficient Windows, you could reduce the energy you use by 0.30 tonnes or 18%. In addition to other simple energy saving measures – such as insulating your home and turning down the central heating by 1° C – and you could be making a real impact on reducing your carbon footprint.


How it Works

1) Advanced Spacer Technology!

Weatherglaze has achieved high levels of energy efficiency by introducing Warm edge technology to the complete product range. This warm edge innovation combines composite components inside the spacer bar; this maximizes the visual quality while maintaining the highest levels in energy rating.

2) Award Winning Profile!

Weatherglaze use the multi-chambered Duraflex suite of profiles to achieve maximum thermal and sound breaks. Its design also provides maximum strength and rigidity to the structure.

3) “Memory” Weather-seals!

The Weather-seal gaskets used by Weatherglaze incorporate a memory material that maintains the shape of the seal regardless of the weather conditions. The Q-Lon systems ensure that the do not shrink, rot or fade overtime. This ensures the weather seal is maintained year on year for the lifetime of the product.

4) Thermally Efficient Glass!

Weatherglaze has partnered with Pilkington’s to provide the leading Low E glass for the Weatherglaze product range. Our Glazing units meet the guidelines of the EnergiKare scheme by adequately utilizing the natural heat from the sun to capture warmth and prevent it leaving trough the glass.

OptiWhite Glass Weatherglaze now supply “as standard” Optiwhite glass and K-Optiwhite for a brilliantly clear view without the tint of normal glass. Optiwhite also Greatly improves Solar gain or “G-value” of the window.

Argon Gas Weatherglaze supply Argon Gas Filling “as standard”  to all products to greatly improve the thermal efficiency.

Guide to Buying

How to tell if my windows are energy compliant and what does the label mean?

The BFRC rating is a system for rating the energy efficiency of windows and is recognised within the Building Regulations as a method to show compliance for your replacement windows installation.

Window Energy Ratings use the traffic-light style A-E ratings guide similar to that used on fridges and washing machines. This ratings label can be used by you to make more informed choices about the energy efficiency of the windows you are looking to purchase.

With carbon emissions high on the global agenda and the current high cost of fuel, we are all looking for ways to make our homes more energy efficient.

How much do Energy Efficient Windows Cost?

The cost varies not only between the various ratings (A to E) but is also dependent on the frame materials used and the size and style of window. A rated window will cost more than B, C, D and E rated windows, but this has to be set against the energy savings you will make as you go up the ratings scale.

The rule of thumb is that Energy Efficient Windows cost less than the heat lost through old windows, over a given period of time.

Where can I find more information on energy windows?

You are more then welcome to contact us through our online form or by calling our lo-call number 1890 533 800. However, there is a detail ‘Buyers guide’ on energy efficient windows that includes a concise list of reasons why you should invest in them.

A+ Rated – Energy Efficient

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